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Build your audience by identifying and acquiring likeminded viewers from within the social circles of your existing viewers’ relationships.

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The objective of the program was to leverage Owned media properties on the web and social to generate awareness of a new movie series called “Feel Good Movies”. The program was the first in an ongoing program to leverage TV, Paid and Owned media strategies to develop an audience database.

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      • Clicks/visits: 28,680
      • Consumers capture rate from clicks/visits: 41%
      • Entrants opted-in in 30 day program: 6,901
      • Viewers who shared: 1,518
      • Opt-ins from sharing: 78%
      • Actual first person sharing referral: 771,446
      • Influencers captured: 345
      • Influencer retained sharing reach: 181,470
      • Average cost of opt-in: $0.69


The Insider

Develop an audience and influencer base for CBS Entertainment Tonight single star proof of concept to build a digital conversion from broadcast TV with a single mention.

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      • Clicks/visits: 10,326
      • Consumers capture rate from clicks/visits: 32%
      • Entrants opted-in in 3 day program: 3,357
      • Increase in clients email database: 58%
      • Viewers who shared: 625
      • Actual first person sharing referral: 317,704
      • Influencers captured: 235
      • Influencer retained sharing reach: 123,610
      • Average cost of opt-in: $0.67


Entertainment Tonight

The Client Broadcast Network objective for the program was to integrate Social Media Crowd Sourcing and Social Media to build a social contact viewer base and incentive momentum towards tuning into the targeted show.

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      • Clicks/visits: 124,408
      • Consumers capture rate from clicks/visits: 24%
      • Entrants opted-in in 22 day program: 29,857
      • Viewers who shared: 12,238
      • Actual first person sharing referral: 6,216,794
      • Influencers captured: 1,492
      • Influencer retained sharing reach: 784,792
      • Average cost of opt-in: $0.63


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