The first tier (Bronze) gives you up to 20 Direct Lead Acquisitions and unlimited (∞) free Indirect Lead Acquisitions. So your real cost of acquisition is the tier package cost divided by the total acquisitions, direct and indirect.  At each new tier, the Cost Per Direct Lead is reduced and the number of Direct Lead Acquisitions is increased, growing the opportunity to generate a much greater number of free Indirect Lead Acquisitions.

Bronze RYPL

Tier 1 CPA
$ 500
  • 1 - 20 Direct Leads
  • Unlimited Indirect Leads
  • CPDL = $25
  • CPIL = $0

Silver RYPL

Tier 2 CPA
$ 1K
  • 21 - 50 Direct Leads
  • Unlimited Indirect Leads
  • CPDL = $20
  • CPIL = $0


Tier 3 CPA
$ 3K
  • 51 - 200 Direct Leads
  • Unlimited Indirect Leads
  • CPDL = $15
  • CPIL = $0

Platinum RYPL

Tier 4 CPA
$ 5K
  • 201 - 500 Direct Leads
  • Unlimited Indirect Leads
  • CPDL = $10
  • CPIL = $0

Titanium RYPL

Tier 5 CPA
$ 10K
  • 501 - 2,000 Direct Leads
  • Unlimited Indirect Leads
  • CPDL = $5
  • CPIL = $0

We’ve created a simple calculator to help demonstrate the drastic drop in lead acquisition costs that occurs when you amplify your lead generation.

CPA Savings Calculator

Pick a Package Tier, and play with the # of Indirect Leads Per Generation and # of Generations.  You’ll quickly see the power of amplification to drive down acquisition costs!

CPDL = Cost Per Direct Lead
CPIL = Cost Per Direct Lead
DLA = Direct Lead Acquisition
ILA = Indirect Lead Acquisition

What Happens If I Exceed A Tier Threshold?

A campaign typically runs for 30 days. When you reach the maximum number of DLAs in a given tier prior to the end of a 30-day campaign, you have the option of stopping the DLA portion of the campaign and letting the ILA portion continue, or, if you wish to continue acquiring DLAs for the balance of the campaign, we can leave the DLA portion running and you pay for  the additional DLAs at that tier’s CPA rate.

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