What Do I Do To Get Started?

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu has been credited with saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Starting can appear daunting unless you know what is required. 

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We’ve laid out some key steps to help make it easier to get your campaign planned and started. Consume the steps below and you should find it much easier to get your campaign on the road.

Campaign Theme

Brainstorm with your marketing team and create a campaign theme that will be engaging to your type of customer.  KYC (Know Your Customer) is paramount in creating successful campaigns.  The theme, content and incentives featured in your campaign will be what makes or breaks the amplification.

Strategic Incentives

There are 2 very important things needed to ensure a successful Audience Amplification campaign. This is the most important part of planning an effective and valuable camaign. The first is an entry incentive and the second is a sharing incentive. The entry incentive is ‘something for everybody’. Remember that the people coming to the campaign from a share they see are friends of someone they are in a trusted relationship with, so they are already warm to your space, or they likely wouldn’t even engage. The entry incentive has to be something everyone in your audience would see value in, but it doesn’t have to be too huge. Capturing the contact info through the entry form is important because it is what helps you grow your audience. Remember that every new acquisition is another additional access point to a whole new audience reach.  The sharing incentive is equally and arguaby even more important as the entry incentive, as it is what creates the sharing action, which perpetuates the amplification. This incentive, a highly meaningful grand prize for a single winner, greatly motivates each visitor’s willingness to enter – and then share. Truthfully, most who enter really have their eyes on the sharing incentive, so they accept entering as just a step to the bigger incentive opportunity. It is the sharing that causes the amplification or chain reaction of further sharing – the whole point of the exercise – so serious thought has to be put into the sharing incentive that would motivate people who qualify as future customers to be willing to share. We strongly recommend that all incentives are made up of something that drives people back to your organization. For example, offering a reasonable discount on a purchase for entering is always a good idea. And offering a super-valuable grand prize that again drives back to doing business with you is highly recommended. This keeps the contest junkies away, who are always looking for a free iPad or something like that.  You want your new audience to be made up of qualified customers. If you offer a purchase discount for entry, then offering a ‘win-what-you-spend’ incentive to one lucky winner is one idea that creates a win-win for both them and you. Get creative. We’ve done lots of campaigns, so leverage our experience and expertise when considering incentives that will effectively drive both entering and sharing.

Landing Page

Set up a landing page within your existing website using an established URL, that all sharing will direct new people to. We recommend creating a friendly URL with a subdomain connected to an existing domain you already use and have existing traffic going to, as this will belay any concerns with a perception of phishing. People can be hesitant with giving up their information so offering a friendly or familiar domain will foster a sense of authenticity and trust. We will eventually send you a small snippet applet that you will add to the landing page, placed on the page in the area where you want the engagement form to appear.

Terms & Conditions

Now that you have agreed on the incentives and established a base landing page and address, decide on the terms & conditons of the campaign, along with the timeline of the campaign. Most campaigns typically run for 30 days.  You may have to converse with your corporate counsel to ensure your T&C copy covers your campaign adequately.


Next, you need to identify all the channels you want to use to drive traffic to the campaign. First is your existing audience. An email with a tracked link that goes out to your currect audience is usually the first channel. You can also do this with a text list. We also recommend setting up tracking for each social platform you want to post the campaign on. Another popular channel to drive traffic is digital ads like Social or Search ads. And last but definitely not least, you can elect to use influencers. Each influencer would get their own tracking code, allowing you to see who carried the most influence in generating traffic, entries, shares and even revenue. As a reminder, each share made automatically creates an organic tracking code attached to the URL, which connects all who engage the share to the one who initiated the share. This creates a multi-generational geneology – a type of ancestral map of network relationships as the sharing progresses. This relationship attribution, unique to RYPL.io™, allows you to identify the most influencial channels and organic influencers in the campaign, very valuable data that can be leveraged in many ways. Once you have identfied all channels you’d like to drive traffic with, send us the list and we will set each channel up with its own tracking code, and send the list back to you for use in emails, social posts, ads and with influencers – or any other channels you identify in advance for use in driving traffic.


Once the above is all in place, we will do our magic and build the amplification campaign applet workflow – then send the tiny snippet of code over to you to drop on the landing page. The workflow applet will be attached to a Zapier API creating the ability for you to immediately be able to acquire each entry as it comes over to you in real time, giving you the opportunity to send an immediate auto-response to each new acquisition, acknowledging each entry and inviting them to come back and share again, or to take advantage of offerings currently available on your site. That auto-response can also have its own tracking code, allowing you the ability to measure re-visits.


At this point, we will both test the workflow at each and every step to ensure everything works as expected – and make any updates to the workflow as decided during testing.

Preparing to Launch the Campaign

Once the workflow is tested and approved, you can set up the balance of the landing page esthetics to make the page engaging and ready for use. When you have the landing page and auto-response emails ready to go, we can initiate the campaign.

Final Thoughts

You will be able to watch your audience grow in real time, both through the auto-response emails going out – and through access to the reporting system within our platform.  You can cull the social platform availability based on which platforms appear to be getting higher usage, resulting in greater amplification.  Remember, all the contact information acquired is 100% yours. It only remains in our system for the purposes of being able to see and use the relationship analytics that are the basis of using amplification to grow your audience. These analytics will be a game-changer with respect to your future lead generation and audience acquisition strategies. The goal is to help you depend less on paid media to get acquisitions and depend more on organic influence from existing audience sharing to acquire multiple generations of acquisitions at a much lower cost of acquisition.

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