Amplify Your Existing Audience To Acquire Qualified Leads

Every subscriber or lead you have acquired for your business is connected to one or more social communities filled with likeminded friends or colleagues who have similar interests.  If they’re into sports, they will have hundreds of connections to other folks who are into sports.  If they support a certain cause, they will have connections with other likeminded people that would be the right profile to support that cause.  Tap into these extended relationships and communities by activating ‘organic influence’ within your existing paid and owned audiences.  Organic Influence is at the heart of every viral campaign – and happens when a direct relationship you have is motivated to share exciting content or offers from you, as a post or message on their preferred social network or messaging platforms.  This creates indirect referrals from within their audience – that convert to direct acquisitions for you.

The little red man at the top of this ‘people pyramid’ represents someone who is already in your existing audience.  Let’s call him ‘Tom’.  Tom has friends who like the same things.  Tom is a hunter – and many of his friends are also into hunting.  Tom is incentivized to share a hunting promotion with his friends in the communities he is a part of.  Tom’s friends who engage in the promo are ‘Direct Referrals’ to Tom.  They also share with their communities because they too want to participate in the incentive promo.  Their friends who engage in the promo are ‘Indirect Referrals’ to Tom.  And when these folks share the promo, even more Indirect Referrals are acquired.

Tom got 3 Direct Referrals – and that’s all you pay for!  Those 3 Directs generated a total between them of 16 Indirects – and you get all those Indirects for free!  So you got a total of 19 acquisitions but only paid for 3 of them!


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