Influencer Marketing 2.0

Stop paying for Influencers who don't influence!

The whole point of leveraging influencers is to benefit from their influence. And merely having a large following is not the best indicator of real influence.

Proof of Influence

Without ‘proof’ of influence, you really don’t know if the investment you are making in paying an influencer to drive new business your way will in fact bring any level of return. Without that proof, how can you be sure? The risk is heavily in your court. An influencer selected to be a part of one of your campaigns needs to have ‘demonstrated sway’ – or pull with their followers. Most Influencer Marketing program pre-campaign analytics are typically limited to things like number of followers and possibly some demographics. Post-campaign analytics can only attribute ‘direct’ influence – and even that data can be skewed. You may be able to identify how many clicks were influenced, but tracking right through the line, to the sale can be a challenge. And you definitely can’t identify indirect engagement.

New Kid On The Block

With the introduction of the platform, you are no longer left to rely solely on follower counts or demographics as valid data to verify influence. Our amplification insights show actual proof of influence. Not just ‘direct’ influence, but also ‘indirect’ influence. We only want to provide you with Influencers that have real, demonstrative influence, and we always show that influence both directly and indirectly. Our proprietary measurement IP allows us to prove direct and indirect influence throughout multiple generations of networks, allowing for the authentic verification of a paid Influencer, while also giving you the ability to identify the most successful organic (free) influencers, so you can leverage them in future campaigns. Identifying organic influence allows you to build a list of infuencers over time that you can engage for future campaigns at a much lower cost, reducing and eventually eliminating the need for most paid marketing channels, including paid influencers.

The best part of being able to leverage direct-to-indirect referral acquisition amplification is that you can increase sales throughout the campaign as a result of the relationship trust phenomenon that exists within the networks of social communities built around people with like minds. This phenomenon takes Influencer Marketing to an entirely new plateau – helping to drive many more qualified candidates to your offers while eliminating the acquisition of fruitless or unqualified leads.

Whether you already use Influencers or you are considering tapping into Influencer Marketing for the very first time, can save you a lot of time and money, making the process easier and and much more productive.

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