Next-Level Analytics

As each campaign is running, the platform is tracking a significant amount of meaningful and actionable amplification data that you can use to provide insights towards optimizing each future campaign.  For example, a Facebook ad that doesn’t do well with initial conversions may do very well with amplification.  An existing audience member or new acquisition may share and generate significant engagement.  You can identify these organic influencers and leverage them for future campaigns.  You may want to know which social platforms are the most prolific within your space, allowing you to disable the use of platforms that are less used, driving greater reach potential.

The entire success of the™ platform is based on our unique seamless tracking methodology. Tracking codes are effectively all considered as channels. Prior to the start of each campaign, we generate and attach a unique tracking code to each traffic driver, like digital ads, bulk emails, Influencers, campaign social posts, etc., allowing us to measure each channel’s success both directly and indirectly. But we also automatically generate and attach tracking codes to each new engagement, allowing for the creation of an amplification map, basically a sharing genealogy that presents a visual, ancestral map of who influenced who, on what platform, in a given campaign.

Transform your acquisition and sales campaigns by augmenting them with amplification, growing your audiences, lowering your CPA and driving more sales – all the while optimizing each campaign to be even more effective than the last by leveraging the insights provided in our analytics reports.

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