Build a database of your customers and create a direct relationship with them, then leverage them to drive direct and indirect referrals through incentivized sharing with likeminded friends they have social influence with.

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generic pharmaceutical

Develop a new email opt-in data base for nurturing in store programs for retailers through social and influencer marketing.

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      • Clicks/visits: 76,049
      • Consumer capture rate from click/visits: 15.5%
      • Opt-ins in 14 day program: 11,814
      • Actual first person sharing referrals: 265,532
      • People who shared: 912
      • Influencers captured with 56,282 retained sharing reach: 107


cold fx

Client was tasked with a) lowering costs of campaign by amplifying results through Social Media, b) determine impact of influencers c) capture email opt-ins for follow-up marketing and d) understand the demographic make-up of opt-ins.

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      • Clicks/visits: 114,106
      • Visits from sharing & referrals: 78%
      • Consumer capture rate from clicks/visits 79
      • Opt-ins in 90 day program: 10,106
      • Actual first person sharing referrals: 720,094
      • Opt-ins from sharing & referrals: 79%
      • People who shared: 2,369
      • Influencers captured with 227,758 retained sharing reach: 433



Perform a Direct response owned email program to increase their owned email database of new customer prospects. 3,057 emails sent to existing customers. There was also a single mention during a show to drive traffic.

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      • Clicks/visits: 16,179
      • Increase in traffic from emails sent: 529%
      • Opt-ins in 30 day program: 940
      • Increase in owned email database: 69%
      • Cost of opt-in reduction: 29%
      • Increase in visitor to buyer conversion rate: 32%
      • E-commerce visitor to buyer conversion rate: 9.6%


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