Whether for new accounts, credit cards, investments or any other financial service, leverage your list of existing happy customers to amplify and acquire new customers.  Incentivize sharing and track referral influence to continually build a strong base of new clients and business.

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Get 25% Off First Campaign


Florida Credit Union group looking to go beyond email and direct mail customer acquisition and include social and influencer marketing to increase new account growth. Increase the number of account opens per marketing campaign by leveraging social media and incentive marketing.

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    • Clicks/visits: 2,548
    • Opt-in rate: 21%
    • Opt-ins in 14 day program: 544
    • 426 accounts opened by: 288 opt-ins
    • Total traffic from sharing: 35%
    • Influencers captured: 118
    • Retained sharing reach: 62,068

Confirmed account openings:

    • 342 General Account Openings
    • 33 Checking Accounts
    • 32 Savings Accounts
    • 17 Auto Loans
    • 2 Money Market Accounts


jp morgan chase canada

Credit card application test to lower the cost of acquisition for approved apps. Test online customer acquisition combining social and influencer marketing with key word search advertising to increase new account growth of credit cards apps through Pay Per Click and Earned Media.

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      • Clicks/visits: 1,459
      • Visitors from sharing & referrals: 64%
      • Overall reduction in case of acquisition: 75%
      • Reduction in cost of opt-in: 50%
      • Conversion from visitor to application: 3.4%
      • Influencers captured: 118
      • Influencer retained sharing reach: 62,068


bank of Montréal
business banking

Grow a B2B customer prospect database through social and influencer marketing to increase new business account growth of credit accounts through Pay Per Click and Social advertising.

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      • Clicks/visits: 14,000
      • Consumer capture rate from clicks/visits: 69%
      • Opt-ins in 30 day program: 9,763
      • Opt-ins selected offers: 1,700
      • Visitors from sharing & referrals: 63%
      • Overall reduction in cost of acquisition: 45%
      • Control group cost: $11.00
      • Program outcome: $6.00


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Canadian Tire Financial

Grow a database of credit card customers leads through a referral program from existing credit card customers.

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      • Clicks/visits: 21,000
      • Consumer capture rate from clicks/visits: 61%
      • Opt-ins in 45 day program: 13,000
      • Opt-ins selected offers: 24,000+
      • Overall reduction in cost of acquisition: 66%
      • Control group cost: $25.00
      • Program outcome: $2.00
      • Reduction in cost of opt-in: 88%