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Amplify Your Audience

Acquire Indirect Referrals

The most valuable asset you own in your B2C business is your existing audience.  The larger your audience, the easier it is to generate revenues.  So it makes sense to constantly grow your audience, which is comprised of your owned media, like customers, subscribers and social followers – and your paid media, for example, acquisitions from paid ads.

Every subscriber or lead you have acquired for your business is connected to one or more social communities filled with like-minded friends or colleagues who have similar interests.  If they’re into sports, they will have hundreds of connections to other folks who are into sports.  If they support a certain cause, they will have connections with other likeminded people that would be the right profile to support that cause.  Tap into these extended relationships and communities by activating ‘organic influence’ within your existing paid and owned audiences.  Organic Influence is at the heart of every viral campaign – and happens when a direct relationship you have is motivated to share exciting content or offers from you, as a post or message on their preferred social network or messaging platforms.  This creates indirect referrals from within their audience – that convert to direct acquisitions for you.

The little red man at the top of this ‘people pyramid’ represents someone who is already in your existing audience.  Let’s call him ‘Tom’.  Tom has friends who like the same things.  Tom is a hunter – and many of his friends are also into hunting.  Tom is incentivized to share a hunting promotion with his friends in the communities he is a part of.  Tom’s friends who engage in the promo are ‘Direct Referrals’ to Tom.  They also share with their communities because they too want to participate in the incentive promo.  Their friends who engage in the promo are ‘Indirect Referrals’ to Tom.  And when these folks share the promo, even more Indirect Referrals are acquired.

Tom got 3 Direct Referrals – and that’s all you pay for!  Those 3 Directs generated a total between them of 16 Indirects – and you get all those Indirects for free!  So you got a total of 19 acquisitions but only paid for 3 of them!


"This Is The Growth Hack Model Used by Dropbox to Build Their Massive Audience!"

Leverage Your Existing Audience

Using’s unique yet simple Amplification Technology, you can activate any audience you have access to, creating a large army of organic influencers who become a strong referral channel that will exponentially increase your reach to qualified prospects you otherwise may have never reached.  Each new acquisition becomes an additional organic influencer, giving further and deeper access to even greater reach. Every organic influencer is automatically digitally connected to their direct referrals, who are then connected to any of their referrals that are indirect to you, creating a visual genealogical map and providing invaluable ancestral network relationship metrics unavailable anywhere else.
Like cream that rises to the top,‘s unique viral tracking technology allows you to identify your strongest organic influencers, empowering you to do things like having an Influencer Program without the cost, or creating a powerful qualified Ambassador Program.  You will also be enabled to discover the most effective sharing channels that drive the strongest results for your space. And because these acquisitions are all referrals, they will significantly drive down your overall cost of acquisition, allowing you to grow your audience with qualified leads much faster, for much less than a traditional paid acquisition program on its own would cost. It’s easy to get an Amplification Campaign started!  Simply create a meaningful incentive (we can provide direction) and then we’ll create the Amplification Applet for the campaign and send you a tiny script to add to your landing page.  Your owned media audience (including acquisitions from your paid media campaigns) is activated as an influencer channel or channels.™: The Weapon of Mass Conversion

Digital Conversion Rate Optimization (DCRO)

Digital Conversion Rate Optimization, or DCRO, is a marketing term that is defined as the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from lead to paying customer, coming from a digital property such as a website or mobile app.™ augments your DCRO strategies by coupling your current sales funnel to a multi-layered reverse sales funnel that amplifies the number of qualified leads that are generated, from each layer. As your current acquisition strategies generate leads and take them through your funnel process,™ activates each new lead at any point in your funnel into an organic influencer, tapping into their unique social reach, audience or community of likeminded people, creating multiple individual ‘micro-funnels’ where more qualified leads are generated and activated to become organic referral acquisitions. These acquisitions go on to generate additional ‘micro-funnels’ of qualified leads who are also activated as organic influencers – which then tap into their social reach, widening or amplifying the acquisition funnel at each new level, generating new organic referral acquisitions at an exponential rate.

This amplification process allows you to build a qualified audience much faster than it takes with a traditional funnel on its own, stretches your marketing dollar by getting more acquisitions for less, and allows you over a period of time to move your marketing budget from digital ads over to amplification, reducing your cost of acquisition and overall marketing budget – and therefore increasing profitability. Amplification allows for 3 very important considerations:

  • Build An Audience Asset
  • Increase Sales Revenues
  • Reduce Cost of Acquisition

Amplification can play a significant role in optimizing your conversion rate. And because each person acquired through amplification comes from a trusted relationship referral, you reduce much of the effort required to build that trust – starting right away with a warm lead as opposed to a cold lead.


Next-Level Analytics

As each campaign is running, the platform is tracking a significant amount of meaningful and actionable amplification data that you can use to provide insights towards optimizing each future campaign.  For example, a Facebook ad that doesn’t do well with initial conversions may do very well with amplification.  An existing audience member or new acquisition may share and generate significant engagement.  You can identify these organic influencers and leverage them for future campaigns.  You may want to know which social platforms are the most prolific within your space, allowing you to disable the use of platforms that are less used, driving greater reach potential.

The entire success of the™ platform is based on our unique seamless tracking methodology.  Tracking codes are in effect all channels.  Prior to the start of each campaign, we generate and attach a unique tracking code to each traffic driver, like digital ads, bulk emails, Influencers, campaign social posts, etc., allowing us to measure each channel’s success both directly and indirectly.  But we also automatically generate and attach tracking codes to each new engagement, allowing for the creation of a sharing genealogy that presents a visual, ancestral map of who influenced who, on what platform, in a given campaign.

Transform your acquisition and sales campaigns by augmenting them with amplification, growing your audiences, lowering your CPA and driving more sales – all the while optimizing each campaign to be even more effective than the last by leveraging the insights provided in our analytics reports.


Leveraging Media™ drives the cost of acquiring new customers down substantially by leveraging existing audiences (owned media) who are incentivized to share with their social communities filled with likeminded, trusted relationships. This sharing generates direct referral acquisitions. These direct acquisitions are what you pay for (paid media) – and are also incentivized the exact same way, to further generate indirect referral acquisitions. And – all indirect acquisitions generated are free of charge (earned media)! So 1 owned media asset can generate several direct acquisitions, who in turn can further generate hundreds of Indirect Referral Acquisitions at multiple levels, each at no charge.

Media Flow

Existing Audience

You Own

Direct Acquisition

You Pay For

Indirect Acquisition

You Get Free

Pay Less - Get More!™ campaigns work on an Amplification CPA pricing model.  There are 5 tiers, starting at $500 for 20 Direct Referral Acquisitions – and each tier includes unlimited (∞) free ‘qualified’ Indirect Referral Acquisitions.  In our experience, people tend to share at least once, and typically generate a minimum of 2 Indirect Referral Acquisitions each, at each new level.

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The first tier gives you up to 20 Direct Referral Acquisitions and unlimited (∞) free Indirect Referral Acquisitions.  At each new tier, the CPDR is decreased and the number of Direct Referral Acquisitions is increased,  growing the opportunity to generate a much greater number of free Indirect Referral Acquisitions.

Bronze RYPL

Tier 1 CPA
$ 500
  • ∞ Indirect Referrals
  • Max 20 Direct Referrals
  • CPDR = $25

Silver RYPL

Tier 2 CPA
$ 1K
  • ∞ Indirect Referrals
  • Max 50 Direct Referrals
  • CPDR = $20


Tier 3 CPA
$ 3K
  • ∞ Indirect Referrals
  • Max 200 Direct Referrals
  • CPDR = $15

Platinum RYPL

Tier 4 CPA
$ 5K
  • ∞ Indirect Referrals
  • Max 500 Direct Referrals
  • CPDR = $10

Titanium RYPL

Tier 5 CPA
$ 10K
  • ∞ Indirect Referrals
  • Max 2,000 Direct Referrals
  • CPDR = $5

*All pricing is in US Dollar currency.

CPDR = Cost Per Direct Referral
DRA = Direct Referral Acquisition
IRA = Indirect Referral Acquisition

What Happens If I Exceed A Tier Threshold?

A campaign typically runs for 30 days. When you reach the maximum number of DRAs in a given tier prior to the end of a 30-day campaign, you have the option of stopping the DRA portion of the campaign and letting the IRA portion continue, or, if you wish to continue acquiring DRAs for the balance of the campaign, we can leave the DRA portion running and you pay for  the additional DRAs at that tier’s CPA rate.

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"™ is to Social what Google is to Search!"

Here Are Just A Few Examples of Use-Cases That Amplify Very Well

  • E-Comm Stores (Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Wix, SquareSpace, etc.)
  • Points / Rewards Programs
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Concerts & Shows (Movies or Live Theatre)
  • Sporting and Other Events
  • Kick Starters
  • Rallies
  • Review Sites (Yelp, Yahoo, Google, etc.)
  • Paid Digital Ads (Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Stigma Products (420, etc.)

Case Studies

The platform has been used by many organizations from varying industries to help them build their audience assets while lowering their CPA and growing their revenues.  There are several studies that fall within 7 categories.

  • E-Commerce
  • Financial
  • Pharma
  • Publishing
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • TV

Our Case Studies are behind a secure wall as part of our Security & Privacy policy.  Please click the link below to request access – and we will send you an access code.

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What Makes The™ Platform Unique?

Multigenerational Referral Amplification is a marketing concept that describes the process by which a product or service is promoted through multiple generations of referrals or recommendations. It involves a chain reaction of recommendations from one person to another, extending through several layers or generations, thereby amplifying the reach and impact of the original referral.

Here’s how it typically works:

1st Generation: An initial customer or user discovers a product or service and has a positive experience with it. They then refer or recommend it to friends, family, or colleagues.

2nd Generation: Those who received the initial referral become customers or users themselves and, if they have a positive experience, they, in turn, refer the product or service to others in their network.

3rd Generation and beyond: The process continues as each new set of customers or users refers the offering to their own networks, creating a cascading effect of referrals across multiple generations.

Multigenerational Referral Amplification can be highly effective because it leverages trust and personal connections. People are more likely to trust recommendations from friends or family, so each new generation of referrals benefits from this trust. This amplification process can lead to exponential growth in customer acquisition and brand awareness.

It’s important for businesses to facilitate and incentivize referrals to harness this powerful marketing strategy effectively. This might involve referral programs, discounts, or rewards for customers who refer others, encouraging them to participate in the amplification process.™ is the first and only platform that automates the amplification process to make the content being referred go viral, utilizing organic referral tracking codes to connect users who share with users who engage that share, in a ‘parent-child’ or ‘offspring’ relationship.  This allows us to provide you with a network relationship map that shows with both data and visuals, the organic genealogical ancestry, connectivity and virality of each participant in a sharing campaign.  Access the reach of each new acquisition, Identify your strongest organic influencers – and demonstrate the actual influence (or lack of influence) of your paid influencers.  See which sharing platforms are used the most in a campaign for your space.  Understand which media (like digital ads) produce the most organic sharing.

Companies have been trying for years to ‘break the code’ with respect to leveraging social media to drive acquisitions.  Posting content, sharing content, hiring influencers, being able to track the network journey of a shared post by user and sharing platform, understanding the organic referral analytics beyond the initial direct referral channel, and many other valuable insights and actions are all required to understand how to best invest your marketing spend when it comes to Social Media marketing for audience acquisition.  There are several tools available that when combined, can help with a few of these things but until now, there just hasn’t been a cost-effective way to build a viral acquisition amplification strategy/ campaign that leverages existing owned and paid media to drive traffic and conversions exponentially, through multiple generations – all in a single tool/ platform.

The goal with using™ attached to your acquisition campaigns is to significantly increase the value of your existing media audience assets by leveraging them to organically drive more qualified traffic through existing social relationships with trusted, likeminded friends and followers.  Going with the ‘300 followers’ social stat, let’s use the following assumptions:

  • You have a subscriber list of 2,000
  • You incentivize them to share an exciting offer with their social networks
  • That offer further incentivizes those who engage to further share with their audiences
  • We will use a 50% share rate and a 2% conversion-to-acquisition rate
  • 1,000 people will share, your reach will grow to 300,000 and you will acquire 6,000 at the direct level.
  • If 50% of those direct referral acquisitions share  (3,000), your reach would further increase by 900,000 and you would acquire an additional 18,000 at the 1st indirect level.
  • 50% at that level who share (9,000) would increase your reach even further by 2,700,000 and further generate 54,000 new acquisitions.
  • Rinse & Repeat…

So by starting with existing media and not using any paid media, you were able to generate 78,000 new acquisitions – but you would only be charged for the initial 6,000 direct referral acquisitions.  At a CPA of $25, your Amplification CPA is actually reduced to $1.92!

All of the resources to do this in campaign after campaign are included in the™ platform and you can run as many campaigns as you can manage.

This is how you use one pay-for-performance platform to redirect your paid media budget from limited acquisition channels to a single, virtually unlimited acquisition program.

Normally, users are limited to only being able to share within a single platform.  As a result – shared posts within a platform were only limited to the reach that was available within that platform.™ campaign applets exist outside of social platforms, allowing for the generation of cross-platform sharing – freeing users to share across multiple platforms – thereby significantly increasing the reach of each share made – and growing the sharing potential exponentially.  You can now make any post go viral!

The execution of a™ share creates a unique link that drives a user to the external campaign page and tracks the platform that executed the share, the campaign ID and the user who made the share – and connects them to anyone who further shares from there, forming a ‘parent-child’ relationship that allows for the creation of a ‘sharing genealogy’ which then creates a powerful visual – and valuable, actionable cross-platform data insights, demonstrating the power of the RYPL effect (amplification) of each share.

Now you can leverage incentives like contests and offers to drive viral amplification through organic referrals.  Through the creation of our proprietary ‘appless-sharing’ technology,™ removed itself from the limitations imposed through restrictive social platform policies that blocked incentivized sharing.  Most social platforms have tried to force campaign designers to use that platform’s built-in sharing apps, by claiming that this will help them compile multiple data points about each user that engages.  This allowed them to build an automated approval process for each campaign, giving them the ability to block any campaign that was seen to be incentivizing sharing.  This approval process slowed the ability to launch campaigns to a snail’s pace.  Initially the data points they offered were quite valuable, but with privacy legislation that was subsequently introduced, restrictions were enforced that significantly reduced the legal availability of many of those data points, rendering the use and value of these social platform apps virtually pointless.™’s ‘appless-sharing’ technology removed itself from these restrictions by empowering the user to share a post from outside the platform – without the requirement of the social platform’s sharing apps – therefore eliminating their control over incentivized sharing.

Here's a CPA example:

If a single owned media channel audience member shares and that share generates 5 direct referral acquisitions who then influence 3 indirect referral acquisitions each (15), who then further influence 2 indirect referral acquisitions each (30), you’ll only pay for the 5 direct referral acquisitions, and the additional 45 indirect referral acquisitions are free of charge! Let’s say your direct referral CPA charge is $25 – this would mean you’d pay $125 for the 5 direct acquisitions ($25×5). But because you actually generated a total of 50 acquisitions (5 direct and 45 indirect), your CPA would actually be reduced to $2.50 ($125/50).

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