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In the digital age, the concept of “Six Degrees of Separation” has taken on a new dimension, connecting individuals not just through personal relationships but through the vast web of social media and digital networks. This theory suggests that everyone is, on average, six or fewer steps away from any other person in the world. Now, imagine harnessing this interconnectedness to exponentially grow your owned media audience and eliminate the need for paid digital advertising.

The Evolution of Digital Connectivity

The traditional Six Degrees of Separation theory posits that any two people on Earth are connected by, at most, six intermediary acquaintances. In the digital landscape, this concept has morphed into “Six+ Digital Degrees of Separation,” where the potential for connection and engagement is virtually limitless. If you’re interested in exploring the history and nuances of this theory, you can delve deeper into it here. Creating Measured Virality through Incentivized Sharing

Enter, a platform that leverages the power of interconnected networks to create measured virality through incentivized sharing. The core principle is to transform your owned media audience into a self-sustaining messaging channel, rendering paid digital advertising obsolete.

The Two-Tiered Incentive Campaign

At the heart of’s success lies a two-tiered incentive campaign. It all begins with a meaningful promotional opportunity that is open to everyone, creating an inclusive environment for engagement. Participants are then offered a high-value incentive, a ‘grand prize,’ which serves as the catalyst for sharing the same promo on their preferred social platforms.

The Exponential Growth Mechanism

This sharing initiates an exponential growth mechanism. Trusted relationships within social networks engage and share, each share opening up additional reach to the power of 300 on average. As your initial owned media audience is invited to enter and share, their friends, family, and followers do the same, creating successive degrees of separation. This ripple effect results in multiple generations of new acquisitions, each qualified and targeted due to the ‘birds of a feather flock together’ principle.

The Power of Likemindedness

Because each engagement stems from a trusted relationship, the likemindedness phenomenon comes into play. Likeminded individuals naturally associate with one another, ensuring that the majority of new acquisitions are qualified, targeted prospects aligned with your offerings. This organic growth strategy not only expands your audience but does so with individuals who are predisposed to be interested in what you have to offer.

Real-Time Optimization and Cost Efficiency’s ability to track viral expansion in real time is a game-changer. This allows for the optimization of each campaign on the fly, enabling quicker and more substantial success in acquiring and engaging new customers in your sales funnels. What’s even more exciting is the cost structure – you only pay for those in the second degree, or ‘Direct Referrals.’ Every acquisition following the second degree is essentially free, and with the exponential growth that comes with each new level, thousands of leads are added to your owned media at no additional cost.

Building an Organic Influencer Army

As your owned media audience grows organically, you’re essentially building an army of organic influencers. Gradually, you can move away from traditional digital media spend as your owned media becomes a powerful force in driving engagement, conversions, and brand advocacy.


In conclusion, the Six+ Digital Degrees of Separation, when harnessed effectively through platforms like, offer a revolutionary way to build and engage your owned media audience. By employing a two-tiered incentive campaign, tracking viral expansion in real time, and leveraging the power of likemindedness, businesses can create a cost-effective and sustainable model for customer acquisition and brand growth. The result? An owned media army that can rival the influence of any paid digital advertising campaign.™ Blogs

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