Leverage Your Existing Audience

Every organic influencer is automatically digitally connected to their direct referrals, who are then connected to any of their referrals that are indirect to you, creating a visual genealogical map and providing invaluable ancestral network relationship metrics unavailable anywhere else

Like cream that rises to the top, RYPL.io‘s unique viral tracking technology allows you to identify your strongest organic influencers, empowering you to do things like having an Influencer Program without the cost, or creating a powerful qualified Ambassador Program.  You will also be enabled to discover the most effective sharing channels that drive the strongest results for your space. And because these acquisitions are all referrals, they will significantly drive down your overall cost of acquisition, allowing you to grow your audience with qualified leads much faster, for much less than a traditional paid acquisition program on its own would cost. It’s easy to get an Amplification Campaign started!  Simply create a meaningful incentive (we can provide direction) and then we’ll create the Amplification Applet for the campaign and send you a tiny script to add to your landing page.  Your owned media audience (including acquisitions from your paid media campaigns) is activated as an influencer channel or channels. 

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