Boost your contest campaigns with™ for unmatched multi-generational amplification. No need for a complete overhaul – just supercharge with™ and see transformative amplification in action. Don’t just run contests; create sensations that resonate across generations!

Unleash Viral Contest Power with™

Breaking the Mold

Traditional contests often stick to ‘enter to win’ strategies, with limited impact.™ redefines the game by introducing multi-generational amplification – a game-changer in contest dynamics.

Appless Sharing Revolution

Bypass the limitations put on incentivized sharing with™’s groundbreaking Appless Sharing technology. Now you can create incentivized sharing campaigns that spark a viral response across all social and messaging platforms, expanding your reach exponentially.’s proprietary ‘Appless Sharing’ technology allows you to incentivize sharing without being handicapped by restrictive platform policies, and allowing for cross-platform tracking that produces Amplification Analytics you can use to optimize each campaign in realtime – and in future campaigns.

Win What You Spend Campaigns

Explore the ‘Win What You Spend’ campaign, a prime example of™ in action. Use a shopping discount code as an entry incentive, coupled with a grand prize for sharing. The result? Viral amplification that engages and reaches qualified audiences far and wide.

Nitro-Charged Engagement™ turbocharges your contest fuel by incentivizing sharing. The ‘likeminded’ network effect means your audience’s relationships mirror your target market, creating a cascading effect of engagement that extends through multiple layers of potential customers.

Measure, Track, Optimize™ doesn’t just amplify; it provides measured, tracked metrics and analytics in real-time. Understand what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to optimize each campaign on-the-fly and ensure you get the most out of every contest strategy.


Revolutionize your contests with™ – where sharing isn’t just encouraged; it’s the key to unlocking multi-generational success without disrupting your existing plans. Say goodbye to ordinary contests; it’s time to make yours go viral!

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