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Got a hot new product or service to drop? Forget traditional word-of-mouth – we’re talking about cranking it up a notch with the unbeatable power of digital, viral, word-of-mouth amplification!

Release the 'Rypl™' Effect: Amplify Your Reach Exponentially

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, don’t settle for singles – go for the grand slam with a strategy that triggers a digital social ‘Rypl™’ effect. Let’s break it down into a game-changing playbook to amplify your reach like never before.

Beyond Acquisition Singles: Activate the Many

Why settle for acquiring individuals when you can activate entire groups? Tap into your existing networks – subscribers, email lists, social followers – and turn each acquisition into a multiplier. The game-changer? Activate each one to reach many, and watch as the ‘Rypl™’ effect takes over.

Entry Incentives: The Spark of Amplification

It’s not just about reaching people; it’s about incentivizing them to become your advocates. Offer an irresistible entry incentive tied to your product or service – perhaps a 25% discount promo code for everyone who participates. This sets the stage for the magic to unfold.

Super-Prize Strategy: Elevate the Game

Don’t stop at entry incentives! Introduce the ‘super-prize’ strategy, where one lucky winner gets your flagship product or service for free. The catch? They have to share the campaign with their social network audience. Imagine the possibilities – a chain reaction that knows no boundaries.

Crafting the Irresistible Call to Action

Enter now to get a 25% discount promo code, then share for a chance to win this great new product, absolutely free!” Craft a call to action that’s not just compelling but downright irresistible. The ‘carrot to share’ it becomes the catalyst for a viral ‘Rypl™’ effect that propels your reach exponentially.

Fertilize Your Reach: Quality Matters

The carrot to share it is the fertilizer for your digital garden. The quality of this incentive determines the quantity of shares reproduced. Choose an entry incentive and super-prize that resonate with your audience, creating a fertile ground for your reach to grow prolifically.


In the world of digital marketing, it’s not just about getting attention; it’s about turning that attention into a contagious wave of amplification. By activating networks, offering enticing incentives, and introducing a super-prize strategy, you’re not just launching a campaign – you’re setting off a chain reaction that propels your reach to unprecedented heights. Get ready to witness the ‘Rypl™’ effect in action and redefine the way you amplify your brand in the digital landscape.

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